I uninstalled mIRC.

My life is going to be so weird now.  Other than a week here and a few days there, I haven’t been away from IRC for any significant amount of time in years.  But I’d be the first person to admit that it hasn’t been bringing much joy into my life recently.  These days it’s used mostly as a pickup point by horny men looking for some quick gratification on Skype.  The only really good friend I had left on IRC passed away late in 2015, and since he’s been gone I’ve really found myself hating chat more than enjoying it.  The force of habit is strong with me, though.  I’m in for a rather strange few weeks.

Anyway, it should be all for the best.  Less frustration, more time for… well….everything else.  (Like, y’know, actually cleaning up my room, putting away my fabric, and starting work on costumes for Kawa Kon and Costume Con…)

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